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Every morning I perform the same ritual. I wake up, growl at my alarm clock, and immediately get myself a cup of coffee. Black is how I like it and I swear there better be a cute mug to put it in or else I’m going back to bed. This morning didn’t seem any different than the rest, but 4 sips into my steamy cup o’ joe I let out a shriek. Okay it was more of a muffled, “ouch I burnt my tongue but I’m so excited”, chirp. I had been scrolling through the stream of blogs that I frequent when I saw something that made me bounce with joy. WOW Airlines, Europe’s super cheap airfare provider, has added two new cities to their list and they just so happen to be in the United States! Hallelujah!

So what does this mean? And who the heck is WOW? Well, like I mentioned above, WOW is a budget airline. They are based out of Iceland and have become famous for their remarkably cheap airfare. However, until now, you weren’t able to take advantage of their deals unless you were already traveling in Europe- And if you have ever looked into the cost of cross-atlantic airfare, you’d know that it will cost you some serious buckaroos to fly out of the United States. But fret no more, WOW is here for you and your European dreams are finally within reach! You can now fly from either Boston or Washington D.C. to a long list of European cities!

Just how cheap are we talking, you ask? How does $99 to Reykjavik from Washington D.C. sound? Sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not, especially if you play the game right.

Here are a few key things you need to do to fully benefit from WOW Air.

  1. Travel only with a carry-on. This is not the time for you to pack your shoe collection, because checked baggage will slap you in the face with a $48 minimum charge. You are definitely going to need to invoke your inner hippy and pack as minimalist as you possibly can. Your free carry-on must weigh 11 pounds or less. Although, you can purchase 15 more pounds for $38 (yikes). For more information on baggage regulations click here!
  2. Be flexible with your schedule. Not all dates are priced the same, so if you have some leeway with your departure and return dates you will be able to take advantage of the best deals. The website graciously displays a fare calendar when you are prompted to pick your outbound and inbound flights, so make sure to do your research!
  3. Stock up on domestic miles or use price alert. Unless you are lucky enough to live in Washington D.C. or Boston, you will still need to get yourself over to the east coast to utilize WOW Airlines. This on it’s own could potentially cancel out the savings you would accrue by choosing WOW over your local carrier. To prevent this from happening, start saving up those priceless air miles! If you don’t have a credit card with mileage rewards, I highly recommend setting up an account with a price alert website like Airfare Watchdog. This way you will be alerted when there are killer deals from your home city to Boston or D.C.
  4. Don’t be picky when it comes to a destination. WOW flies to a number of European destinations; Amsterdam, Dublin, Reykjavik, Paris, and Stockholm just to name a few! However, some of these cities boast a pricier ticket than others, so I say pick the cheapest place to fly into and then book a cheap flight to your actual destination. In most cases, this will mean flying into Reykjavik (Iceland), for a mere $99 then purchasing a ticket through WOW or RyanAir to get you to your final destination. Traveling by plane between countries in Europe is incredibly cheap and could save you a couple hundred bucks! I traveled from Budapest to Dublin for $35 with RyanAir… holy cow!

And that’s pretty much it. The only thing left to do is book your flight. And hey, I just might see you in Iceland!

*This is not a commissioned post. If you are from WOW Air, feel free to pay me. Otherwise, this post is strictly based off my own research and opinions, along with a heavy dose of wanderlusty excitement!

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