Tasty Trail Treats | My Favorite Foods For Hiking

trail food

Because everybody loves a good list. And this list tastes really good.

The “must-haves”.

  1. Coffee. Because why would you do anything in life without java?
  2. Peanut butter. Same as above, plus this gooey goodness is calorie packed with protein and fats!
  3. Summer sausage. Salty, non-perishable (for a while) and versatile. Eat it cold or toss it into your dinner.

The other stuff.


Oatmeal- Buy instant pouches or create your own by buying instant oats and adding your favorite toppings like condensed milk, cinnamon, nuts and dried fruit!

Protein Pancakes- You can buy these prepackaged, but I encourage you to make your own! You just need pancake mix of your choice (find a brand that calls to add just water, not eggs or oil), and protein mix of your choice. Mix 3 parts pancake mix with 1 part protein powder and voila! (You’ll need a light weight skillet to cook these.)

protein pancakes


Meat and cheese- This isn’t exactly a light weight meal, but it is oh so worth it! Choose a few imperishable meats, like tuna pouches and summer sausage, and a small block of hard cheese. If you are feeling REALLY decadent, you can even bring a small package of hard crackers 🙂

Meal bar- For a quick refuel, munch on a high calorie, nutrient rich meal replacement bar. I really like the ProBar Meal Bar

Tortilla PB honey wrap- Did you know that honey has TONS of health benefits? In our case, this sweet gold provides antioxidants, helps to maintain glycogen levels, and also improves recovery time must faster than other sweeteners!


Nuts- You know the deal, protein and good fats.

Dried fruit- Yum!

Beef jerky- Lightweight and very filling.

Energy bars- Cliff bars are my all time favorite, but any will do!


Dehydrated meals- To keep your bag ultra-light, this is the only way to go. All you need to do is boil water, pour it into the bag and wait 10 minutes! I’ve tested out quite a few brands and hands-down the winner is Mountain House. The bags say they have 2 servings in them, no they don’t. Expect to eat an entire bag by yourself!

*My favorite flavors are Chicken and Dumpling, Shepard’s Pie, Beef Stroganoff and Chili Mac.

Trail food from angelic hermit people- This is rare, but holy moly when it happens it is GLORIOUS! Every so often, trails have beautiful people who sell you food from the real world. The West Coast Trail in B.C. has both a burger hut and a crab hut. You better pay that $30 for fresh crab…


Desert: (You’d be making a HUGE mistake by forgoing the sweet stuff.)

Candy- Snickers bars are a must. I also really like peanut M&M’s and skittles.

Cookies- Pop tarts work great. So do fig newtons and Oreos!

This isn’t a complete list of everything you’ll need while on the trail, but it’s a good place to start! Important things to look for when choosing your foods are how calorie dense they are and what maco nutrients they will provide. Don’t skimp on the protein, carbs and fats! Do I sound like a cross-fitter?…

What are your favorite trail foods?

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