Budget For Thailand

The region of Southeast Asia is ideal for budget backpackers. Almost every aspect of your trip is going to be cheaper than anywhere else you have traveled. Thailand is slightly more expensive in comparison to the lesser traveled countries, but it still offers ridiculously cheap prices. Where else can you chow down on $1 plates of Pad Thai?

Average Daily Costs: $14- $21

My Average Daily Costs: $14

Take a peak at the charts below to see a full breakdown of costs. The first chart shows two budgets; one for those of you who can survive off the bare minimum and one for those who need a little comfort. The second chart shows my actual spending during my stay in Thailand.

Here’s a guideline to what you can plan on spending during your trip:

Thailand BudgetHere’s what I spent during my trip:



Money Saving Tips:

  1. Eat street food. You won’t find anything tastier or cheaper than the food sold from carts on the streets. For $1 you can get a large meal! Just be sure to bring your own fork if you aren’t able to use chopsticks…
  2. Rent a motorbike. If you plan on exploring the town, stray away from public transport and rent your own motorbike for a day. It will cost you about $2 (excluding gasoline) and will provide you with tons a freedom and will save you some buckaroos!
  3. Book domestic transport early. Airfare and train travel is incredibly cheap in Thailand, but the longer you wait to book the higher the prices get. I’d recommend booking your flights at least a month in advance. You can get from north to south for around $35.
  4. Drink before going out.  Alcohol is quite a bit pricier in Thai bars when in comparison to other Southeast Asian countries. So if you plan on getting “hyphy” or “sloshed” or whatever the kids are calling it these days, buy beer and liquor at the mini mart ahead of time. I also recommend only bringing a few bucks with you on your night out to prevent you from drunkenly deciding to buy the entire club shots…

What are some of your money saving tips for Thailand?



  1. Ugh I couldn’t believe how affordable Thailand was! And the food… I still dream of it. My biggest tip is ask the price before you order something at a stand and try to bargain for the clothes. Very practical budgeting, btw.

  2. Mmmm thai food will always have a special place in my heart! And yes, you are spot on with confirming a price before ordering… I may or may not have learned that the hard way 🙂

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